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The car below was truly a dream come true. This young man may have been the only one that could see this cars future. He picked it up for a mere $200.00, What a steal! You see, its a 1964 Golden Anniversery (1914-1964) Dodge Dart, Slant6-3speed on the colom. Custom Concepts done a total restore,And a year and a half later and $19,800.00, The car is now like it was the day it was picked up at the dealership in 1964.

This custom mold job has been a big hit in all the shows. Its has taken 3 second place and 2 first in Modified Vett class. It has many one of a kind Specs. All dreamed up my its owner, And carried out by Custom Concepts.

So you see be it Custom or Original, Custom Concepts is your place to get the help you need to put your dream on the road or in the show!

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